Social Media Marketing: Do You Have a Recent Post on Your Blog? I sure hope so (Let’s make certain)

What was your most recent blog article?

When you first start online, it can seem overwhelming. One post per month is not enough. If you post only once per month, you will not build an active audience. People will not engage with you online if you only post once per month. This is especially true if your blog follows insolera.

Take a moment to reflect on your online habits. Are you online every day? Or once a month? Maybe somewhere in the middle? You must develop the ability to write posts for your blog. Test your writing muscles is one of the best things you can do. Write your posts before you start a website, before it is live, or if you have a plan to do something completely different. Do not publish them. Just write them. Spend 30 minutes five days per week on this task, and make it a daily habit.

Which type of post do I want to create? There are several types of Keep your blog posts stored in the back office of the website. You can test yourself for a month. Check out how many blog entries you create. This will allow you to increase your blog writing skill. It will be much easier to get started once you have established a habit.

Do something every day. It doesn’t matter if you are researching for a new title or the content. Or maybe you will start a new draft. Although you won’t be able to finish it, at least it will start.

The worst aspect is that blank page staring at you from the computer screen. The beginning is when you insert five to six titles.

Share your blog posts to your social media accounts to build anticipation.

You should search for pictures. You could spend hours searching for pictures for blog posts. And you certainly want to add images to all your blog posts. Be like me and learn the easy way instead of the hard way. Pictures will be more interesting so it is important to spend time looking for and researching those photos. You might find many pictures that are pertinent to one post. They don’t need to all be in that post. The link can be placed into the post directly where the picture is. Later, you can decide.

The same goes for video, add a video to your blog posts it encourages visitors to stay on your webpage longer. If you want to encourage people to stay on your site longer, that’s a great thing. When I’m searching video for posts, I use YouTube links. I then copy the link directly into my post. I can then choose the video that fits best. You’ll never run out of topics to write about on your blog. If you are unable to come up with any other topic, grab and write a blog post about it.

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