How to Start a Mobile Quick Auto Washing Business

You can start your own company by washing cars for others. Although not everyone is interested in a car detailing service read more, they will need to have their cars washed at least once a month. It is possible to create a flyer that says you will be there every 2 weeks, wash cars in the garage for such and such a fee. Regular customers could be a good idea. They would rely on you on a regular basis.

You could also visit industrial centers and office buildings that have large parking lots and many workers. You could offer to wash all cars at a fixed price. All you would need is water, a pressure washer, and some cleaning equipment. This can all be transported in a truck or trailer. People would appreciate your service, especially if they could have it cleaned at work while they were still working. It would save them a lot of time and make it easier for them.

Each day, you could clean a different part of the town or city until you get back in your hometown. All the cars would then be dirty once again. For good money, you only would need to wash a few cars each day. It is a good idea to have a flyer that informs new customers about the cost of car washing and when you will return to wash their cars. If you do a good job, and go back to the same places regularly to wash all cars, you’ll get lots of repeat business. You might also be able to offer your services to car dealers who may require extra help cleaning their vehicles from time to time.

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