How to Buy the Right Flagpole

If you’re reading this, it is likely that you are already thinking about purchasing a flagpole. The Internet is full of options for Atlantic Flagpole in a variety of materials, features, and prices. It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to sort through all the information. This article will reduce it to 10 questions. When answered, you will find flagpole shopping much easier! Each paragraph is a checklist. Print this article to help with your purchase.

1.) Budget. Asking for a price quote on a flagpole is like asking about the cost of a car. The answer to that question is “it all depends.” Cost of a flagpole is affected by many factors. They include the height and diameter of the pole, as well as the thickness of the tubing. Also, there are other factors such like where it was made, how it is shipped, and many other factors. It’s safe to say that you can find a flagpole for anywhere from $50 to approximately $2,500 online. It just depends on how much you spend. A decent-quality flagpole set will cost you between $100 and $300 for most homeowners. Make sure you add in applicable taxes, shipping charges and contractor fees.

My budget is $___________ for a flagpole.

2.) Local Codes and Neighborhood Associations. Once you have settled on a budget for the flagpole, you will need to look into any local ordinances that restrict its erection. If your proposed flagpole installation falls within any code, the fastest way to determine is to simply Google your county name plus “building codes.” There may be documentation online for some locations. There are usually numbers you can call during office hours to get answers from someone who can help. The information you need to contact a neighborhood association should be included in your agreement. You might still be eligible to purchase a wall or post-mounted flag set, if you discover that an inground flagpole cannot be used.

_ My area has restrictions when it comes to erecting flagpoles.

_____ Flagpoles must be at least _____ feet tall in my region.

_____ Flagpoles don’t allow me to use them in my home, however I can hang a wall mounted or post-mounted set of flagpoles.

3.) Construction. Next is the question of what type flagpole do I prefer. Flagpoles were mainly made of one-piece, mostly steel or aluminium, back in the day. These are still possible to find today. But, sectional flagpoles or Telescoping flagpoles have replaced them. They can be shipped, transported, and set up much easier than their one piece predecessors. Sectional flagpoles can be tapered at one end to fit comfortably into the section above. The seam is barely visible up close. Each section typically has a length of 5-6 feet. Telescoping Flagpoles have been increasing in popularity because they are easy to raise and lower the flag, cost-effective, and portable. With optional accessories like deck mounts, wheels, and carrying bags, your telescoping flppole can be carried to tailgate parties as well as the RV park or boat dock. A telescoping pole provides a greater range of options than a traditional one-piece or sectional flagpole. It has no clips to catch in the wind, no ropes to tie around the flag, and no pulley that could fail.

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