Here are some things to avoid when trying to chase the gold rate today

Okay, so you now believe that investing your money in gold and silver is the smartest thing to do given today’s rising gold and silver prices. You are also aware that you have to take action and purchase silver investments or gold investments. The question is what form of gold and which silver should I buy? What form should you buy? How can you purchase it?

You should remember that real gold and silver are not fool’s money. You should buy silver coins, gold bars and silver coins. Physical precious metals are something you can hold. You don’t have to hold them in hand. They can be kept in one of Brinks’ two locations.

Physical gold and physical silver are the best forms to hold. There are many options for gold and silver, and most of them can be fool’s gold. EFTs (exchange traded funds) are the number one option. It is common knowledge in the community of gold that the exchange traded fund does not have all the silver and gold they claim they have.

This is what you really are buying when you buy these funds. It’s price exposure today to the gold market. It is not possible to touch and hold physical gold or silver. The purchase of physical silver and gold is one the most private investments. It is a transaction between the buyer and the dealer. No one else will know about it. EFTs are used to transfer private funds back into the bank that caused the ​​​​​entire economic financial crisis. Put your trust in them at your own risk.

Watch out for certificates and pools accounts. They won’t likely have the full gold and silver needed to back up investments in the pool account. Basically, you’re investing in futures. You’re getting exposed to futures contracts and not real gold and/or silver prices.

There are also numismatic, or collectible, coins. The price of a numismatic or collectible coin could be several times that of its actual content. You are actually paying for the rarity of that coin as well as how expensive it is. Bullion coins and bullion barres are worth based on current world spot and gold prices. There are hundreds, thousands, or even millions of buyers looking for silver bullion currency.

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