Expert Reviews: The Best BBQs Under $500 for Memorable Outdoor Cooking

Many different BBQ grills are available today in various sizes and designs. Sometimes it can be more difficult than necessary to select the ideal BBQ. After all it is only a grill. Back in the day, it was just a regular round BBQ with briquets. You are no longer limited by the types of BBQs available. Here’s a quick look at the options. Read more now on Upgrade to natural gas grilling with our guide to the best natural gas grills under $500.

Charcoal is still the most popular choice for outdoor grilling. In order to get the right temperature they know precisely how many briquets you need depending on how much and what food you are cooking. Experts in the field of barbecue, they know how to do it. Whatever they cook turns out great every time.

These grills usually are small and easy to carry in your car. You can choose from electric, charcoal or gas. Many tabletop grills come in small sizes, others larger ones are lighter, but can still be carried. As they don’t have a large size, these grills work well for small events.

Electric Grills. These grills, though they may not be for everyone, have their own devoted following. Many electric grills fit on the top of a table, although you can buy full size models as well. Ideal for grillers who only do a few BBQs a year. This is perfect for apartments that have balconies. There is no need for briquets of gas. The grill can be plugged in. Only once have I ever used it, and that was to grill food on a balcony in a resort. Although I’d never tried one before, the results were excellent. It was great to be able to simply set the heat (High/Low) and then not have any worries. It was easy to use, very accurate and perfect steaks!

Since the 1990s, these gas BBQs have gained in popularity. No charcoal is needed, no waste is created, it is almost instantaneous, and the heat can be distributed evenly if you maintain your grill regularly. Grills can come in various sizes and be quite expensive. Gas was the only option when we made our move from rural to urban areas. I had a hard time at first but got used quickly to the convenience. Enjoying the convenience of grilling whenever you like without having to think about whether or not you will need briquets, is a great thing. Although you might run out every year, this problem isn’t a regular one.

BBQ Islands. These islands are designed for the most serious griller. Although you can purchase one that is on wheels you may also choose to have it permanently mounted on your patio. Grills are built with islands and a fridge below, so you can store everything without going into the house. The island grills are often made from stone or brick and can add an elegant touch to any patio. Most are propane BBQ Grills.

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