Do you believe that stones can heal?

Some people think I’m strange when I start talking crystals and the healing properties of stones. If I’m truthful, I think some people think that I’m rather odd. You’re not alone, though, if your questions about stones, crystals and gemstones aren’t answered, where to buy moldavite near me.

Let me give you a quick overview. Crystals are created in the earth from either mineral deposits or high temperatures, compression or volcanic activities. You might think some look like rocks, and that is correct. You might be tempted to think that some, once polished up, look great and you’d like some jewellery made with them. Diamonds and rubies are excellent examples. Some are readily available and easily accessible. However, some are more rare or difficult to mine and therefore are highly prized and sought-after.

There are many nuances to crystal healing and the healing properties that stones such as quartz, amethyst, boji rocks, and agate have. Some people will believe crystals may have an effect on their lives, while others will not. Some may be open for persuasion, but others are unlikely to. I will be honest and openly say that I don’t care who you are on the crystals topic or whether or non-crystals have healing properties or any other properties. I believe you can believe as much or as little as you want. I also know what I feel.

What does it feel like to experience crystals? My story begins some years back, when I ‘discovered’ crystals for the first time. The local market was manned by a lady who became a friend and teacher. Marion, the woman whose name I know, is a Marion. I was shocked to discover that a smallish tumblestone could feel a pulse in my hand as it rests in my hand. It was almost as if the stone had a heartbeat. Marion smiled knowingly when I asked her if it was normal. While I held the crystal she asked me some questions about how it made her feel, whether there was any energy or movement that I could feel, and what my location was. Then she asked me: “What happens if you close your eyes?” Wow! I was able to see colours, shapes, movement in my mind and knew a lot about this little stone. That was it. I was hooked.

Crystals have always had an impact on me. It was amazing to me, even to the point that I almost fell over when I picked up a stunning chiastolite quartz (often called fairy cross crystals). Malachite has caused me physical sickness for years. I also refuse to wear or carry moldavite when I’m driving, it makes me very dizzy!

I have spent a lot of time studying books, but I also enjoy working with crystals. Marion encouraged and supported me to use my intuition, not just to believe what someone said in a book or even ask her for her opinion. I learned so much about myself and crystal energies through this process.

How do crystals or stones work their magic, and how can they heal? It is hard to say with certainty. The best explanation, and one that makes most sense to me is that it is all about the energy they radiate. Just as you would be affected by the emotions or moods of another human, positively or negatively. Or an animal. It’s so relaxing to have a pet dog or cat. That’s the way I believe that crystals work.

The stones emit a frequency of energy which we can pick up. This allows us to rebalance, and then return to our natural state. Because our natural state of equilibrium is actually one in balance, when we get close to an energy vibration like that produced by the stones, we naturally pick it up and begin to “remember” our own balanced natural vibration. (This theory, I believe is similar to sympathetic resonance/sympathetic vibration.

Think about a situation where your body is feeling stressed out and out of control. If a particular crystal releases an energy that is calm and relaxing, like many people do, then you will notice your headache disappear.

Here are my go-to’ crystals that I use for situations or moods that may arise.

Rose quartz helps me be more happy and loving if I am unhappy.
Aqua aura has always been my teaching stone. It has a bright blue colour which helps with communication.
I keep a pair or boji stones on my person in case I feel out of control and need more energy.
If I’m feeling out of balance and in desperate need of some grounding black obsidian (or hematite) can do the job and bring me down to Earth.
Black tourmaline is my best option if you need me to perform rescue work or ensure that my psychic protection continues to be strong.

Are you a believer in the healing power of gemstones or crystals? If you are curious and open-minded but still unsure of what to expect, have a go and feel the difference. Let them know if you are interested in their help. Then you will be able to make your own decision based on what you have experienced.

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